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Why My Reclining Chair Is Not Reclining Properly?

By mybluehome / September 15, 2016

It is very annoying when you sit in your recliner chair and find out that it is not reclining properly. You try to pull the lever harder but nothing happens. This is one of the common problems which can happen to most of the power recliners. Without knowing what causes the situation, you will not […]


Your sofa bed frame or the springs have collapsed? How to Fix It

By mybluehome / August 8, 2016

A sofa bed is a multipurpose furniture which can be turned into a bed at night. It comes handy especially when you have limited space in your apartment. A pull out sofa bed seems to be more convenient but because of its usage but, it can also get damaged soon. Ideally, it should last for […]


How to Fix Sofa Cushion Problem – Repair Leather Sofa

By mybluehome / July 29, 2016

A luxury couch is the most loved furniture of a home and we would try everything to increase its mileage. Over time they can wear down which causes the cushions to sag. what is best way to fix a sagging couch? It is always easy to throw the old one out and buy a new […]