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How to Fix Sofa Cushion Problem – Repair Leather Sofa

By mybluehome / July 29, 2016

A luxury couch is the most loved furniture of a home and we would try everything to increase its mileage. Over time they can wear down which causes the cushions to sag. what is best way to fix a sagging couch? It is always easy to throw the old one out and buy a new one. But if you are on a budget, you can fix it up so as to increase its life.

Determine the cause of your sagging sofa

Before fixing up the saggy couch, you first need to determine the reason. The reasons for a saggy couch can vary from bad couch frame to worn out cushions. Finding out the real reason will help you to fix the problem effectively.

Sagging sofa problem

Sagging sofa problem [source: meadowlakeroad.com]

Give the cushions a makeover: diy sofa by reupholster sofa

If you haven’t washed the cushion covers anytime recently, do it immediately. Most of the covers will have zippers which make them easy to wash. If you feel the cushions have lost their firmness, you need to adjust it by adding more filling.

Use Poly-Fil or any other appropriate filling to add enough stuffing to your old cushions. This simple step can make a lot of difference in the appearance of your couch. Now, for the seat cushions you can use quilt batting to perk them up. Batting is made of cotton, polyester, wool or either a blend of any of these materials. You can add as many as layers of quilt batting as you want in order to improve the appearance of the seat cushions. There is a chance for the batting to shift inside the cushion cover. To avoid this you can secure it with any kind of spray adhesive so that they remain intact. You need to spray them between each layer of batting.

Fixing the sinking syndrome

Do you feel like you are sinking downwards whenever you sit on your couch? If your sofa is still good looking, you don’t have to replace it. You can fix the problem by following these simple steps. Remove the cushions and measure the bed frame under the mattress. Cut a piece of plywood in that measurement and place it there. Now you can arrange your cushions back on the couch. The plywood will provide enough support and prevent the couch from sinking downwards.

Fixing the frame of the couch

If the joints of the couch sag or the wooden pieces that support the frame have broken, it can lead to sagging of the couch. The frame should have ability for sagging couch support. If the wooden piece is broken, you need to replace it with a new one. Measure it and buy one from your nearest hardware shop. You can seal it with adhesives to make it firmer. The sagging of joints can happen if any of the screws holding them tight gets loosened up. Tighten them if possible or otherwise if they are stripped, you must buy new ones. If there are any springs which are out of shape, use pliers to fix them.

If your couch is looking saggy, it always doesn’t mean that they have reached their expiry. Sometimes, filling a little stuffing will result in a complete makeover which makes a tremendous difference in their overall appearance.

Result after fixing

Before and after fix sagging sofa

Before and after fix sagging sofa [source: homeinterioradvices.com]

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