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Your sofa bed frame or the springs have collapsed? How to Fix It

By mybluehome / August 8, 2016

A sofa bed is a multipurpose furniture which can be turned into a bed at night. It comes handy especially when you have limited space in your apartment. A pull out sofa bed seems to be more convenient but because of its usage but, it can also get damaged soon. Ideally, it should last for many years but if you use it without giving much care, there are chances that the bed frame might get collapsed.

Step 1

Remove the entire cushion from the sofa bed and also remove the mattress. You need to take the measurement of the bed frame and cut a piece of plywood with exact size. Now place the plywood over the sections of your sofa bed frame. Using plywood is not a permanent solution, but it works pretty well temporarily.

Step 2

Check for any damaged parts like leg of the sofa, slats, frame and braces. The horizontal wooden beam can get broken easily if more pressure is being applied to it. If you see some small cracks anywhere, fill those gaps with glue so as to close it. Press the area with any heavy tool for some time until the glue dries.

sofa bed collapsed repair

sofa bed collapsed repair

Step 3

If the rivet which is connected to the bar where the sofa bed gets closed gets broken, you need to replace it. At times, the river might be custom made depending on the manufacturer. So it might not be easy to find a replacement. You can fix it yourself instead of getting a replacement by using a few bolts and nuts. You might need the help of another person to do it perfectly. You can also hire an experienced handyman to do the job. Although a simple job, most of the big stores might not provide this sort of service.

Step 4

If you find any of the joints of the sofa bed sag, you need to find out what causes it to sag. Sometimes, the screws might have lost their power to hold things together and it might be the reason for the sag. Retightening them would be a temporary solution but the effect will not last long. It is better to drill through the joints and put glue into the gap and hammer nails into the holes for achieving a tighter grip.

Step 5

It is common for the sofa bed frame to get splintered as it gets aged or if more pressure is applied to it. In that case, you have to flip the sofa bed upside down and removed the staples which are at the bottom. Do this carefully because you do not want to rip off the fabric. Removing things with care until you see the broken frame. Use a powerful glue made especially for frames and repair the broken part. Wait until the glue dries completely and then put everything back in place in the right order.

As a sofa bed is comprised of many mechanical parts you need to replace some specific parts depending on their age in order to use the sofa bed in a good condition for the long.


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